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One of the world's best Concours d'Elegance

The International Concours d'Elegance Automobile "Classic-Gala Schwetzingen" is part of The Concours Yearbook 2021. This exclusive book shows up the class winners and bes in show winners of the most important Concours d'Elegance events around the globe. It is the definitive collectable guide to the most important cars presented in 2021.

CLASSIC-GALA 2021 report

1954 Chrysler Ghia glorifies Ghia-Centennary

Winner 2021

We proudly present our winners of 17. Int. Concours d'Elegance Automobile 2021:

Highlights of 2nd press-conference Tickets on sale

The highlights and information about the programme were published at the first press conference of Classic-Gala Schwetzingen on 13th of September 2021. Selected exhibits like one Maybach, one Jaguar E-Type, one Karmann-Ghia and one car out of the Wundercar Collection gave an inpression of the main topics of Classic-Gala Schwetzingen 2021. Please contact us if you like to get the below detailled press-information in english.

Unique Best of Show-Trophy by Notargiacomo Design

This trophy was designed and created especially for the twentieth anniversary of the Concours d'Elegance Automobile Schwetzingen. The trophy will be presented during the event in the art-exhibition in the southern wing of Palace Schwetzingen.