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12th US-Classic Car Concours - USCCC

We kindly invite you to join the US-Classic Car Concours by exhibiting your rare Automobile.

All interested parties for participating in 12th US-CLASSIC CAR CONCOURS can apply for one of the limited slots. The Participants are invited to look forward to an exclusive framework programme.

The appraisal of the participated cars will be performed by an international jury of professionals with years of experience and knowledge of classic-cars.

Conditions for application of a classic-car are:

excellent condition

and / or    rarity

and / or    unique history

and / or    special bodied car

and / or    unrestaured, operable and in original condition

Application for participation

If you are interested in a participation you simply can use the Internet-application form.

Please send us the filled Application-form with pictures of the car by mail, fax or E-mail. 

You will get a confirmation of participation after the Application-Jury has examined the documents.

We will be pleased to answer your questions at any time.