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12th US-Classic Car Concours - USCCC

The first Concours d'Elegance for US-classic-cars in original condition 

US-Autos im Maßanzug - Gesucht: die schönsten Straßenkreuzer
US-theme area as an event in the event
The first Concours for original US-Classic-Cars
American-way-of-life with Mustang, Pick-up and road cruiser 
Enjoy Music, Barbecue, Burger and more
Special shows: 100 years Chrysler  &  60 years Ford Mustang


12th USCCC for "true Americans" in Schwetzingen

There are a lot of events for american cars in Europe. But there are only a few real Concours d'Elegance for original cars without customizing and modification - the true Americans.

The 12th USCCC - US-Classic-Car-Concours is the first show-competition for original, authentic cars from the USA. It takes place in the beautiful garden of Schwetzingen Palace near Heidelberg and is a special-show of the 20th Int. Concours d'Elegance CLASSIC-GALA SCHWETZINGEN.

Our international jury consisting of experts, designer, historians and constructors evaluates the original condition, authenticity, quality of restauration and period modifications. There are different prices for the winners of the challenge.

The Int. Concours d'Elegance will also take place in the flourishing garden of Schwetzingen Palace . There will be 180 classic-cars from around the world, an art exhibition, Jazz-music from the "Strangers", Fashion-shows, Accessoires and Good living stands.

You can have American-Food, rockabilly clothes, beer and cocktails.

The "Elvis Presley will never die Fanclub" is also on-stage with original live-music.

This US-Classic Car Concours is open for all american cars which are in original condition without customizing and modifications.

Application for participation

We invite you to participate in 10th US-Classic Car Concours with your classic US-car.

All interested parties for participating can apply for one of the limited slots. The participants can look forward to an exclusive framework program.

The appraisal of the participated cars will be done by an international jury of professionals with years of experience and knowledge on classic-cars.

Conditions for application are:

  • excellent condition
  • and / or rarity
  • and / or    unique history
  • and / or    special bodied car
  • and / or    unrestaured, operable and in original condition

The participation costs 100 €

If you are interested please use the Online-application form, which you can find HERE.

Alternatively you can send us the filled application form per Fax +49 (0)6031- 169 38 79 or E-mail to office(at)classic-gala.eu.

Please send us the filled Application-form with pictures of the car by mail, fax or E-mail. 

You will get an confirmation of participation after the Application-Jury has examined and approved the documents.

We will be pleased to answer your questions at any time.